Questionnaire of Unpredictability in Childhood (QUIC)

A manuscript describing the QUIC (Questionnaire of Unpredictability in Childhood).  The paper enables researchers and practitioners working with infants, children, and adults to employ measures of unpredictability and fragmentation of early-life environment in clinical and study contexts. The supplemental material is available here as a pdf.

Glynn, L.M., Stern, H.S., Howland, M.A., Risbrough, V.B., Baker, D.G., Nievergelt, C.M., Baram, T.Z., and Davis, E.P., Measuring novel antecedents of mental illness: the Questionnaire of Unpredictability in ChildhoodNeuropsychopharmacology (2018); https://doiorg/10.1038/s41386-018-0280-9