The Conte Center @ UCI addresses how early-life experiences influence the brain and contribute to vulnerability to mental illnesses starting during adolescence. Our research focuses on probing how patterns of sensory signals originating in the mother/parent early in life influence the maturation of brain cells and circuits that govern complex behaviors. We test if fragmented and unpredictable signals from caretakers or the environment leave long-lasting marks on the structure and function of the developing brain.

Tallie Z. Baram, MD, PhD

Conte Center @UCI Junior Researcher Rachael Hokenson receives the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory’s Roger W. Russell Award. Read more.

Conte Center @UCI Junior Researcher Sophia Levis receives the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory’s Jared M. Roberts Memorial Award. Read more.

Sophia Levis, MD/PhD student and Conte Center @UCI Jr. Researcher publishes paper in Molecular Psychiatry.  The title is “On the early life origins of vulnerability to opioid addiction”... Read more.

The Conte Center@UCI recently solicited applications for innovative research projects focusing on how early-life experiences influence the brain and may thus contribute to vulnerability to mental illness. The response from the campus community was tremendous, and we received many more outstanding proposals then we can fund. The awardees are …

Danette Shepard Chair in Neurological Sciences and Director of the Conte Center@UCI Tallie Z. Baram, named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science...Read more.

A major new review from Annabel K. Short, Ph.D. and our PI, Tallie Z. Baram, MD, Ph.D., in Nature Reviews Neurology.  A critical assessment of human literature on early-life adversity and vulnerability to cognitive problems. 200 refs and new ideas...Read the review here


June 30, 2020 | Mar Sanchez, PhD
Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Emory University School of Medicine
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July 14, 2020 | Margaret Sheridan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
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August 4, 2020 | Vince Calhoun, PhD
Professor, Translational Neuroscience, GSU
Founding Director, Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging & Data Science
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