Tallie Z. Baram, MD, PhD
Conte Center @UCI Director Project 1 and Operations Core
Ali Mortazavi, PhD
Project 1
Curt A. Sandman, PhDProject 2
Laura M. Glynn, PhDProjects 2 and 3
Elysia P. Davis, PhDProject 3
Uma Rao, PhD
Project 3
Dewleen G. Baker, MDProject 4
Victoria Risbrough, PhDProject 4
Michael Yassa, PhDImaging Core
Andre Obenaus, PhDProject 1 and Imaging Core
David B. Keator, PhDImaging Core and Biostatistics, Computation and Data Management Core
Aaron Bornstein, PhDImaging Core and Biostatistics, Computation and Data Management Core
Hal S. Stern, PhDBiostatistics, Computation and Data Management (BCDM) Core
James Weinstock, MBAOperations Core
Diego A. Pizzagalli, PhDCenter Consultant
Alan Simmons, PhDPsychiatry, UCSD
Andre Der-Avakian, PhDPsychiatry, UCSD
Andrea D. Spadoni, PhDNeuropsychology, UCSD
Anne Tournay, MDPediatrics, UCI
Autumn S. Ivy, MD, PhDPediatrics, UCI
Briac Halbout, PhDSchool of Medicine, UCI
Christie D. Fowler, PhDAnesthesiology and Perioperative Care, UCI
Craig E. L. Stark, PhDNeurobiology & Behavior, UCI
Deanna Barch, PhDPsychological and Brain Sciences, Washington University
Derek Taylor, BSNeurobiology & Behavior, UCI
E. Alison Holman, PhDNursing, UCI
Elham Ghanbarian, MD, PhDNeurobiology & Behavior, UCI
Gyorgy Lur, PhDNeurobiology & Behavior, UCI
Joan L. Luby, MDPsychiatry, Washington University
John H. Weiss, MD, PhDNeurology, UCI
Julie C. Lauterborn, PhDAnatomy & Neurobiology, UCI
Justin Shobe, PhDNeurobiology & Behavior, UCI
Kate Ryan Kuhlman, PhDPsychological Science, UCI
Katharine Simon, PhDCognitive Science, UCI
Kevin T. Beier, PhDPhysiology & Biophysics, UCI
Kristina Uban, PhDPopulation Health/ Disease Prevention, UCI
Lulu Y. Chen, PhDAnatomy & Neurobiology, UCI
Molly Fox, PhDAnthropology, UCLA
Olaf Sporns, PhDPsychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University
Roxane Cohen Silver, PhDPsychological Science, Medicine, and Public Health, UCI
Stephen V. Mahler, PhDNeurobiology & Behavior, UCI
Steven Grieco, PhDAnatomy and Neurobiology, UCI
Susanne M. Jaeggi, PhDEducation, UCI
Wendy A. Goldberg, PhDPsychological Science, UCI
Jerod Rasmussen, PhDPediatrics, UCI
Peter Donovan, PhDDevelopmental & Cell Biology, UCI
Eitan SchechtmanBiological Sciences, UCI

Advisory Boards

Internal Advisory Board

Ruth Benca, MD, PhD
Professor Emerita, Psychiatry & Human Behavior, UCI
Dan M. Cooper, MDProfessor of Pediatrics

Associate Vice Chancellor, Clinical & Translational Research, ICTS, UCI

Marcelo Wood, PhDProfessor and Chair, Neurobiology and Behavior, UCI

External Advisory Board

Tracy Bale, PhDProfessor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry

Director, Center for Epigenetic Research in Child Health & Brain Development, University of Maryland

Vince Calhoun, PhDDistinguished Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Neuroscience, Psychology

Director, Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science, Georgia State University

Nim Tottenham, PhDProfessor of Psychology, Columbia University

Director, Developmental Affective Neuroscience Laboratory