Imaging Core


Michael A. Yassa, Ph.D.

Andre Obenaus, Ph.D.

David Keator, Ph.D.

Core aims:

Aim 1: To acquire, process, analyze, store, and make available all high-resolution structural, functional, and diffusion MRI data on human and rodent cohorts, in support of Projects 1-4 and to address imaging- related hypotheses.

Aim 2: To identify aberrant and sex-specific patterns and trajectories in structure, function, and connectivity of pleasure/reward circuitry that link early life FRAG to anhedonia and risk for psychopathology using innovative multimodal MRI approaches across cohorts, projects, and species.

Aim 3: To develop a rich dataset of whole-brain-derived imaging metrics using network connectomics and, working with the BCDM Core, integrate these metrics in statistical models that predict anhedonia and psychopathology from FRAG-associated aberrations in brain circuitry.