Forever Changed

The Conte Center @ UCI was involved in a unique community arts theatrical presentation at UCI that explored the profound grief of mothers who lost their children. This remarkable, touching project was inspired by Beth Krom, a former Mayor of the City of Irvine, CA who suffered the loss of a son and written/ directed by a fine-art graduate student at UCI, Sarah Butts. Drawing from the stories of twelve grieving mothers, they created a play, Forever Changed.

The Conte Center @ UCI provided insight and guidance to the project and recommended that the profound, enduring changes that a loss of a child provokes in mothers’ brains should be studied so that they can be better understood. This type of research is necessary in order for all of us to better listen, understand and help mothers who have suffered the traumatic loss of a child.

Together, the Conte Center @ UCI and the UCI Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory, have generated initial, much needed financial contributions from individuals to support this research. We are now using sophisticated brain imaging to delve into the brains of grieving mothers, to better explore their emotions and the changes in brain circuits and networks that drive them. This community-driven research project will transform how we approach mothers who have experienced child loss, a significant yet largely invisible sector of our community. To support this research, contribute now or contact us.