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The Conte Center @ UCI addresses the complex developmental mechanisms contributing to adolescent resilience or vulnerabilities to mental illnesses. It focuses on probing the contribution of early life experience to brain programming that governs resilience and vulnerability during adolescence.

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Pat Levitt, PhD, University of Southern California, will discuss The View Through a Neurobiological Lens – Addressing Autism Heterogeneity as guest speaker at our upcoming Seminar Series on UC Irvine Campus. – September 16, 2014

Conte Center Educational & Community Outreach Event took place on UC Irvine Campus with discussion on Parental Input to Early Life Experience: What Really Matters?June 4, 2014

Tomáš Paus, MD, PhD, University of Toronto, spoke on Population Neuroscience of the Growing Brain as a past guest speaker for our located on UC Irvine Campus. – May 20, 2014