Shall we come to your school?

Shall we come to your school?

The Conte Center @ UCI’s goal is to create a comprehensive picture of maternal influences, childhood cognitive and emotional development, and brain structure to help identify children who may be vulnerable to adolescent mental health disorders and to help establish more effective treatments.

Conte Center @ UCI director Dr. Tallie Z. Baram has had much success working with local schools in leading community outreach discussions surrounding brain functions and disease with students, parents and teachers.

Geared toward high school AP Biology & Psychology students, we have developed the “Mysteries and Wonders of the Brain”, an interactive, problem-based Neuroscience study hour which creates considerable student interest and participation.


  • Brain video (10 trillion neurons)
  • Discussion and debate: the functions of the brain
  • Brain 3D models: which part of the brain does what, and their integration
  • Discussion: the brain in human diseases
  • Challenge: designing the optimal brain (video)

To schedule a presentation at your school, please contact us at