Poster Sessions

Public Posters

Maternal Prenatal Fragmented Mood Predicts Child Temperament and Cognitive Development [PDF]

Amanda M. Appel, Project 2

The stressed synapse: effects of corticosterone (CORT) and corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) on hippocampal dendritic spines [PDF]

Yuncai Chen, Pamela Anne See, Jenny Molet, Xiaoyi Jerry Zhuo, Tallie Z. Baram

Chronic Exposure to CRH Reduces Dendritic Branching of Cortical Neurons: A Basis for Reduced Cortical Thickness in Exposed Fetuses? [PDF]

Megan M. Curran, Adrienne L. Andres, Curt Sandman, Laura Glynn, Elysia Davis, Tallie Z. Baram

A role for endogenous CRH in the hippocampus? [PDF]

Benjamin Gunn, Yuncai Chen, Gary Lynch and Tallie Z. Baram

Programming Influences of Placental CRH on Fetal, Infant, and Child Development [PDF]

Mariann A. Howland with Projects 2 and 3

Vulnerability of Hippocampal Volume in Rats Exposed to Fragmented Maternal Care [PDF]

Eli Kinney-Lang, Alex Hiroto, Jenny Molet, Ana Solodkin, Tallie Z. Baram, Andre Obenaus

Fragmented Maternal Mood and Child Anxiety [PDF]

Kendra Leak & Megan Faulkner, Project 3 & Computational Core

Mechanisms of enduring cognitive / memory vulnerability provoked by early-life stress [PDF]

Jenny Molet, Pamela M. Maras, Autumn S. Ivy and Tallie Z. Baram

Mindfulness and Prenatal Maternal Mood [PDF]

Kylee L. Moore and Mariann A. Howland with Project 2

Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Hippocampus in Rodents Exposed to Fragmented Maternal Care [PDF]

Faisal Rashid, Eli Kinney-Lang, Jenny Molet, Tallie Z. Baram, Andre Obenaus

Regulation of hypothalamic CRH expression by augmented maternal care [PDF]

Akanksha Singh, Jenny Molet, Jessica Cope, and Tallie Z. Baram

Fragmentation of Maternal Behavior Differs in Depressed and Non-Depressed Mothers

Stephanie Stout, Leticia Martinez, Project 3, Computational Core